Cone crusher bearing

Cone crusher bearings:Double row radial spherical roller crusher bearings have the advantages of strong load carrying capacity and good centring performance, and are commonly used as rotor crusher bearings. In addition, the calculated life of crusher bearings should be 5000~10000h.

To improve the force state of the crusher cone bearing. The impact load acting on the cone crusher bearing depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the support elasticity of the cone crusher bearing seat. Increasing the support elasticity of the cone crusher housing will reduce the impact load acting on the cone crusher bearing. To do this, we can increase the support flexibility of the cone crusher bearing housing by adding a rubber plate of appropriate thickness between the cone crusher bearing housing and the support frame. As a result of the increased rubber plate, the flexibility of the support frame is increased, absorbing part of the vibration energy and improving the stress state of the cone crusher bearing, achieving the purpose of extending the service life.

Again, the balance accuracy of the rotor is improved. The impact crusher rotor has a large mass and high rotational speed. When the rotor rotates, the casting deviation of the rotor body and the mass deviation caused by the installation of the plate hammer cause an unbalanced centrifugal force. This centrifugal force forces the machine to vibrate, causing damage to the bearings and other mechanical components of the cone crusher, hence the balancing test of the crusher’s rotor. If the rotor body diameter is small, the masses of the baffles on both sides of the rotor body can be balanced. If the rotor diameter is larger, counterweights can be welded to the outer wall of the rotor. To prevent the counterweights from falling off during vibration, rows of recesses can be cast in suitable locations, into which the counterweights are embedded and then welded, which is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

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