Ball mill bearing

Ball mill bearing, which includes a large seal ring, bearing cover, spherical roller bearing, taper sleeve, lock nut, stop piece, side half cover, small seal ring, bearing seat, base, bearing sleeve, bearing body, large seal ring and small seal ring are mounted on the bearing sleeve, bearing cover is located in the bearing sleeve above, spherical roller bearing is located in the bearing cover below, taper sleeve is located in the spherical roller bearing below The lock nut is mounted on the right side of the side half cover, the stop tab is located above the right side of the taper sleeve, the bearing body is placed above the bearing housing, the bearing housing is fixed above the base. The use of spherical roller bearings instead of the old sliding bearings improves the transmission efficiency, avoids the wear between the shaft tile and the journal of the feed end and the journal of the discharge end cover, saves the cost of spare parts and maintenance costs; the use of tapered sleeve structure makes disassembly and installation convenient and facilitates maintenance; the use of large sealing rings and small sealing rings improves the sealing performance and extends the service life of spare parts.

The hsn brand Ball mill bearing can meet the operation of various agricultural equipment to provide bearing support, supply high-quality Ball mill bearing manufacturers, wholesale prices.

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