Deep Groove Ball Bearings Brass Cage

Deep groove ball bearing retainers are generally of steel and brass . Retainer (i.e. bearing cage, also known as bearing retainer), refers to partly wrapped all or part of the rolling body, and with the movement of the bearing parts, to isolate the rolling body, usually also guide the rolling body and will keep it in the bearing. The following FHH’s editor will explain more about the cage.

First of all, let’s understand the characteristics of the following types of cage.

Brass cage.

Cage type:

stamping and solid two, stamping only suitable for small and medium-sized;.


brass plate, brass castings or brass forgings Brass has high tensile strength, mechanical strength and steel plate stamping cage, but the density is relatively small, high limit speed.

Advantageous performance:

not affected by lubricants, including synthetic oils and greases.

Restrictions on use :

Brass cages cannot be used above 300°C and are not suitable for use in ammonia (e.g. cooling), as ammonia causes brass to break seasonally.

Operating temperature :

The working temperature is below 300°C.

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