High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings:Measure the size of the shaft and bearing bore to determine the fit accuracy of the bearing, with the following requirements: inner ring and shaft to take interference fit, interference amount 0 ~ +4μm (in light load, high precision for 0); outer ring and bearing bore to take clearance fit, clearance amount 0 ~ +6μm (but in the free end of the bearing using angular contact ball bearings, but also can increase the clearance); shaft and bore surface roundness error in 2μm The following, bearing used spacer end parallelism in the following 2μm, shaft shoulder inner end face of the outer end of the runout in the following 2μm; bearing seat hole shoulder to the axis of the runout in the following 4μm; spindle front cover inner end face of the axis of the runout in the following 4μm.

Fixed end of the front bearing on the shaft installation: the bearing with clean cleaning kerosene for thorough cleaning, for grease lubrication, first containing 3% to 5% grease organic solvent injected into the bearing for degreasing cleaning, and then use the oil gun to fill the quantitative grease into the bearing (accounting for 10% to 15% of the bearing space volume); heating the bearing to warm up 20 ~ 30 ℃, using the hydraulic press will be installed into the shaft end of the angular contact ball bearing. Press the clamping sleeve on the shaft and make it axially positioned with suitable pressure against the bearing end; roll the tape of the spring scale on the outer ring of the bearing and use the method of measuring the starting torque to check whether there is a substantial change in the specified preload (even if the bearing is correct, but due to the fit or cage deformation, the preload may also change).

HSN Bearing can produce its own bearings. At the same time, there are more than 20 cooperative and stable bearing suppliers and raw material suppliers. It has international advanced bearing testing equipment to ensure that the product quality exceeds customer requirements, especially for High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings.

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