The key technologies of high-speed EMU axle box bearings are as follows.

①Simulation analysis and digital design of bearing products

Collect and compile the bearing load spectrum of the high-speed EMU, and carry out the operation

Mechanical simulation analysis, product digital modeling, product overall structure optimization design and microstructure optimization design (including rolling body and raceway)

Convexity modification, the contact state between the ball base surface of the rolling body and the rib, each work

surface hardness and roughness matching, etc.).

②Research and development and preparation of bearing steel

Formulate high-speed EMU bearing steel standards and research according to the standards

Development and preparation of high-speed EMU bearing steel to improve resistance to inclusions and carbon

Level of control over chemical content, size, shape, and distribution.

③ Development and preparation of bearing rollers

Research and development supporting high-precision tapered rollers and advanced cylindrical rollers

Manufacturing process and digital equipment and forming production capacity. roller circle

Degree error, reference end face circular runout, reference end face circular R value dispersion,

Gauge Lot Diameter Momentum, Gauge Lot Cone Angular Contact Ball Bearing Angle Momentum (cone only)

Roller), rolling surface roughness, reference end surface roughness up to set

Calculation requirements and a large precision reserve.

④ Development and preparation of bearing cage

Establish steady state analysis model and dynamic analysis model of cage

type, establish the motion equation of the cage and the collision and impact vibration equations,

Study the effect of cage design parameters on its moment of inertia, motion trajectory, motion

Influence law of dynamic stability, impact and shock vibration response. Pass

Determine the reasonable design parameters through the above analysis to ensure the cage

Movement stability and shock resistance.

From mechanical properties, impact strength, water absorption, melting point, size

Material application technology for engineering plastic cages in terms of stability, etc.

Research; develop guidelines for the production, inspection, acceptance and use of engineering plastics cages

The specifications and standards used to form the production capacity of engineering plastic cages.

⑤ Development and preparation of bearing seals

From tensile strength, elongation at break, hot air aging performance,

Hardness Change Rate, Compression Set, Grease Compatibility, Dimensions

Stability and other aspects of the research on the formulation of the raw material rubber for seals and the manufacturing process of the rubber.

R & D design Low friction torque, waterproof, dustproof, leak-proof grease, low temperature

The sealing structure that is conducive to the circulation and lubrication of grease; at the same time, the research on rubber

The vulcanization bonding technology of rubber and metal surface treatment technology ensure the

The bonding quality of glue and metal increases the service life of seals.

Develop rules to guide the production, inspection, acceptance and use of seals

Ranges and standards to form the production capacity of the seals.

⑥Research and development and preparation of bearing grease

On the basis of tribological research, study the bearing lubrication state,

Oil film thickness, evolution of contact area, dynamic development of friction and wear

For the sake of regulation, research and develop high-efficiency lubrication suitable for high-speed EMU bearings

Grease, the lubricating conditions for the safe operation of the bearing.

Formulation of technical specifications for efficient grease production, testing and application

Fan. Completed the research on bearing lubrication condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology

send . Creates production capacity for high-efficiency greases.

⑦Set up a demonstration production line for trial production of bearing samples

Set up a demonstration production line to produce sufficient quantities for inspection,

Samples for testing, bench testing, and vehicle loading.

⑧ Bearing bench test

Develop durability test, waterproof seal test, dust seal test

Test and comprehensive performance test specifications and carry out corresponding performance tests.

⑨ Formulation of bearing product standards

Vigorously promote and actively participate in high-speed EMU bearings

The formulation of railway industry standards.