The main function of the bearing is to reduce friction and reduce loss, so during use, the less contact between the bearing and surrounding parts, the better. Then, if lubricants are used, the effect of reducing losses will be better. In fact, lubricants include liquids, greases, and solid lubricants. So, what are the solid lubricants that can be used in bearings? Today we will list them and make some detailed introductions.

  1. graphite

  Everyone knows what the main elements of this substance are, so it has very good stability. As a member of the C family, this performance shows its family characteristics very well. Therefore, graphite lubricants will only oxidize when the temperature is greater than three hundred and fifty degrees, and the performance is very stable. In addition, this lubricant has a good feature that it can work even in water.

  2. polyvinyl fluoride resin

  Compared with a product mentioned above, this lubricant also has its own unique characteristics. For example, its friction coefficient is very low, only half that of graphite. Of course, its performance must be a bit inferior. You can choose products suitable for bearings according to the characteristics and requirements of the machine and the environment in which it is used.

  3.molybdenum disulfide

The third solid lubricant also has some good advantages, that is, its low coefficient of friction. It can be used in a very wide range. It can be used in places above minus sixty degrees Celsius and below 300 degrees Celsius, but it also has some shortcomings of its own. For example, the performance is not so good when used in water.