1. The small bearing clearance leads to running heat

a. When the interference is too large, repair the shaft or replace the bearing with large clearance;

b. Adjust the end cover when the axial preload is too large;

c. When there is too much dust in the bearing, clean it and add oil.

2. Sliding friction causes the bearing to run hot

a. Repair the shaft or seat hole when the ferrule slips and becomes hot;

b. Remove interference parts when rotating parts and non-rotating parts interfere with friction.

3. Improper selection of lubricating grease causes heating of the bearing

a. Change to lubricating grease with lower viscosity when the viscosity is too high;

b. Remove part of the grease when too much oil is added to heat.

Fourth, improper installation and adjustment cause the bearing to run hot

a. Adjust the shaft center line when the shaft is not centered.

B. When the split-type bearing seat interface is radially misaligned, the outer ring of the radial bearing will be deformed. Loosen the upper cover bolts, tighten or inching operation, then tighten and try again.

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