HSN bearings are precision parts. It has a wide range of applications. Its main application areas are automobiles, electric motors (motors), gear devices, machine tools, mining machinery, engineering machinery, motorcycles, paper machinery, pumps and compressors, and railways. , Metallurgical equipment, wind power generators, etc.

Because HSN bearings are widely used, abnormalities, failures and maintenance of bearings are also common. So how to distinguish whether the bearing can be used again? What are the skills?

According to analysis and experience, when the HSN bearing has the following defects, it can no longer be used. It should be replaced with a new HSN bearing immediately to avoid unnecessary trouble. The specific conditions are as follows:

1.There are cracks or gaps on any of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, and cage;

2.There is a break on any one of the ring or rolling element;

3. There are significant scratches on the raceway surface, ribs, and rolling elements;

4.The cage is significantly worn, or the rivets are significantly loosened;

5.There is rust and scratches on the raceway surface and rolling elements;

6.There are serious indentations and marks on the raceway surface and rolling elements;

7.There is obvious creep on the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter surface of the outer ring;

8. Obvious discoloration or burns caused by heat;

9. Fatigue peeling on any one of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, and cage;

10.The bearing is cleaned, and there is abnormal sound when rotating after adding lubricating oil.