Rolling bearing is one of the most widely used general mechanical parts in various rotating machinery, and it is one of the most vulnerable parts of the machine. Rolling bearing is a kind of precision mechanical component that changes the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, thereby reducing friction loss. What are the characteristics of rolling bearings? Let’s take a look with the small program editor of the mechanical manufacturing processing platform.

1. Automation

The specialization of bearing production provides conditions for its production automation. In production, a large number of fully automatic, semi-automatic dedicated and non-dedicated machine tools are used, and production automatic lines are gradually popularized and applied. Such as automatic heat treatment line and automatic assembly line.

2. Advanced

Due to the large-scale requirements of bearing production, it is possible to use advanced machine tools, tooling and technology. Such as CNC machine tools, three-jaw floating chucks and protective atmosphere heat treatment.

3. Specialization

In the processing of bearing parts, a large number of special bearing equipment is used. For example, ball mills, grinders and other equipment are used for steel ball processing. Specialization is also reflected in the production of bearing parts, such as a steel ball company specializing in the production of steel balls and a miniature bearing factory specializing in the production of miniature bearings.