Nylon cage is a comparatively used kind of bearing. Nylon cage is mainly used in special industrial varieties for its anti-corrosion ability. Therefore, the material of nylon cage is special, mainly made of foreign imported special materials. Common material components are: glass fiber reinforced nylon with anti-aging agent, which has good strength and elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion, anti-aging and good dimensional stability.

The advantages of nylon cage in use:

  1. Its light weight makes the bearing more flexible. If it is used in electrical appliances or power consumption products, it has a great effect on energy saving.
  2. It has low noise and is the first choice for silent bearings, especially for electrical products with high noise requirements.
  3. It can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing, and the friction between the metal cage and the steel ball is reduced, and the plastic protection has a great effect on prolonging the service life of the bearing.
    Analysis of matters needing attention during the use of nylon cage:
    When the bearing is installed under heating, the bearing must not be in direct contact with the heater to avoid excessive local temperature and damage to the nylon cage.