Features of cylindrical roller bearings:

1. Cylindrical roller and raceway are in line contact or under-line contact, with large radial bearing capacity, which is suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads.

2. The N type and NU type can move axially, can adapt to the change of the relative position of the shaft and the housing caused by thermal expansion or installation error, and can be used as a free end support.

3. The processing requirements for components such as shafts or seat holes are relatively high. After the bearing is installed, the axis of the outer ring is relatively skewed, and strict control is required to avoid contact stress concentration.

4. The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high-speed rotation, and the limit speed is close to the deep groove ball bearing.

5. Cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings. The inner ring or outer ring can be separated for easy installation and disassembly.

Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used for large and medium-sized motors, locomotives, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, and lifting and transporting machinery.

Through the above introduction, you have a better understanding of cylindrical roller bearings. After we know the characteristics and uses of cylindrical roller bearings, we will be more targeted for its use and let it play a role in a suitable position. With the development of advanced technology, cylindrical roller bearings will become more and more advanced and more widely used.