Precise contact metal balls regularly run at high rates in electric axles, so the outward power impacts the running condition of the bearing. In the static express, the contact points of the steel ball and the inward and external rings are separately An and B. When running at high velocity, the divergent power makes the steel ball out of The propensity to move, that is. As of now, the contact point of the inward ring will increment, and the contact point of the external ring will diminish. Therefore, the focal point of mass of the steel ball strays from the hub of revolution, bringing about gyroscopic force. The steel ball will slip partially while rolling. The grating warmth produced by sliding won’t just exasperate the temperature ascent of the bearing, yet in addition purpose fractional toughening on the outside of the steel ball, expanding the level of wear and consume. To conquer the impact of outward power, precise contact metal balls consistently run with preload in the primary shaft. Appropriate preload can keep in touch point of the inward and external rings during activity, which delays the existence of the bearing, yet additionally works on the unbending nature of the bearing and the axle.

In the event that the preload is too enormous, the bearing oil and warmth dissemination conditions are poor, the bearing life is short under similar conditions, it is not difficult to consume or stick, and the high velocity execution is more regrettable, however the supporting inflexibility of the bearing and the shaft will be incredibly expanded. On the off chance that the preload is too little, the general unbending nature and burden conveying limit of the shaft will diminish fundamentally. On the off chance that the preload esteem isn’t sufficient to conquer the impact of the pivotal power and main thrust of the shaft during work, the axle will vibrate clearly during the work, and clear vibration lines will show up on the outside of the handled workpiece. On the off chance that the preload isn’t sufficient to stifle the gyro force, the axle bearing will quickly warm up because of “slip” during activity, and the outside of the steel ball will have self-evident “feline eye”- like wear marks.

There are three preload values ​​for light, medium and hefty on the overall bearing examples. In any case, when it is utilized in an electric axle, it ought to be thought about completely as indicated by the heap condition, greasing up oil and cooling technique. The choice standard is that the preload is as near the genuine application as could really be expected, and the impact of outer burden on the preload is thought of.

The sensible help of the electric axle is two arrangements of bearing sets. Considering the get together cycle, the front bearing set is fixed. For single set and pair bearing sets, the spring set applies preload twoly: forward and in reverse. For equal bearings, in case they are not coordinated (shape cushions are utilized), the preload ought to be changed by the tallness distinction between the internal and external cushions.