Bearing is a kind of component, its main function is to reduce the friction coefficient during the movement of the mechanical rotating body. Bearings are divided into many types, including deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, and self-aligning roller bearings.

  Then what we want to introduce in detail today is what kind of purpose each type of bearing has:

  1. Deep groove ball bearings can be used in gearboxes, instruments, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, etc.

  2. Self-aligning ball bearings are suitable for heavy load and impact load, precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, metallurgy, rolling mills, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, sugar and other industries and general machinery.

  3. The combined needle roller bearing is a bearing unit that is composed of a radial needle roller bearing and a thrust bearing component. It has a compact structure and small volume, high rotation accuracy, and can bear a certain axial load while bearing a high radial load. And the product structure is diverse, adaptable and easy to install.

  4. Combined needle roller bearings are widely used in various mechanical equipment such as machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery, and can make the mechanical system design very compact and dexterous.

  5. Thrust ball bearings are only suitable for parts that bear axial load on one side and have a low speed, such as crane hooks, instant water pumps, instant centrifuges, jacks, low-speed reducers, etc. The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element of the bearing are separated and can be assembled and disassembled separately.

  6. ​​Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in machinery such as heavy-duty machine tools, high-power marine gearboxes, oil drilling rigs, and vertical motors. Joint bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorbers, water conservancy machinery and other industries.

  7. Cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for large and medium-sized motors, locomotives, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, and lifting and transporting machinery.

   8. Spherical roller bearings are suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads, and are widely used in metallurgy, rolling mills, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, sugar extraction and other industries.

  1. Single row angular contact ball bearings: machine tool spindles, high frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators, front wheels of small cars, differential pinion shafts, double row angular contact ball bearings: oil pumps, Roots blowers, air compressors, Various transmissions, fuel injection pumps, printing machinery.

10.Tapered roller bearings are widely used in industries such as automobiles, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, and plastic machinery.

11.The outer spherical bearing is preferentially suitable for occasions that require simple equipment and parts, such as agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.

Bearings are an indispensable part of machinery, but for different types of machinery, the bearings used are also selected according to the role of the bearing.