With the development of offshore oil and natural gas, the demand for oil refining, ethylene and three major synthetic materials is gradually increasing. In this way, a large number of oil and gas pipeline gathering and transportation equipment and large-scale and efficient petrochemical equipment are needed, with emphasis on the development of large-scale oil exploration and drilling and production equipment in the desert and ocean. Therefore, the market demand for supporting and maintaining bearings, mechanical seals and packing static seals for petrochemical equipment will increase greatly every year.

It is suitable for the high temperature resistant sealed self-aligning roller bearing in the harsh environment. It is characterized by rubber seals on both sides to ensure the safe operation of bearing raceway in the dust-free environment and prevent the leakage of lubricating grease. It has the advantages of dust-proof, water-proof, high-temperature and high-pressure resistance, heavy load, etc., as well as open type and high-temperature resistant bearing suitable for specific applications. It can be used in -40 to +200 ℃ Under the condition of continuous safe operation, this is an attractive feature, which can not be replaced in many demanding applications.

The drilling equipment used in the oil industry includes mud pump, winch, top drive, crown block, etc. Working condition: heavy load, much sediment, strong corrosion, large impact vibration. The deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing and thrust cylindrical roller bearing provided by HSN company increase the load capacity, improve the corrosion resistance and impact resistance performance, and extend the service life of the bearing by strengthening the design and manufacturing.Successful cases: our company’s four point contact ball bearing ar03-10, slr20 / 848 and thrust cylindrical roller bearing are used in an oil well in Shanghai, Xinjiang

HSN China petroleum machinery bearing provides high-performance bearing solutions for petroleum machinery industry. In the field of petroleum machinery, the working conditions of the industry are harsh, high pressure, high temperature and various kinds of pollution seriously affect the normal operation of machinery. HSN provides customers with safe and stable petroleum machinery bearing solutions for the industry environment, effectively improving energy efficiency and equipment working time Longer, less maintenance.